Wood Chip Mulch


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We provide and efficiently spread wood chip mulch for garden beds and parks.  


We recycle our wood chip! Our wood-chippers process all smaller material to form 'whole-tree wood chip'. This includes branches, leaves, twigs, bark and buds. The wood chip is stored in heaped piles in our yard and regularly moved to encourage its natural breakdown. This organic wood chip, conifer timber especially, is far more durable than the chipped pallets or sawdust from timber mills and definitely lasts for a longer time compared those carbon-rich mulches.

Wood chip mulch is customarily spread in an even layer across the top of soil beds in order to suppress weeds, increase soil nutrient levels and/or aid moisture retention on dry sites. 


We have found that the use of well rotted wood chip mulch helps increase soil fertility, the use of fresher wood chip mulch helps impede the growth of weeds on beds, and the use of the freshest wood chip helps to deter weed growth on pathways.

Improve your garden with quality wood chip

Alpha Arbor Ltd. provides tree services across Buckinghamshire, Greater London & surrounding areas. These include High Wycombe, Amersham, Watford, Maidenhead, Richmond, Slough & Gerrards Cross.

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