Tree Pruning

Crown Reduction

& Re-shaping

The removal or shortening of branches to a suitable growth point to shape the crown into an aesthetically pleasing form. This process reshapes an unbalanced crown by reducing its height and/or spread. This process is also beneficial for future tree growth as it reduces the weight of the branches, limiting their likelihood of breakage.

Crown Thinning


Crown thinning is the process which reduces the density of a tree canopy to ensure an evenly-spaced branch structure that allows more light to pass through the tree and reduces wind resistance.This process does not reduce the overall size of the tree.

Crown lifting is the removal of the lowest branches to increase light beneath the canopy and/or to achieve a desired vertical clearance above ground level.


Formative pruning is specifically the pruning of young trees to improve their appearance and health for future growth. Our team are highly skilled at pruning and can offer you advice on how best to aesthetically improve your trees.



The removal or shortening of dead branches posing unacceptable risk to people or property with regard to deadwood habitats or maintenance. 


cobra bracing

The attachment of flexible cable bracing which does not interfere with tree growth, to provide support and stability for weak joints or inherent vices in trees.

Alpha Arbor Ltd. provides tree services across Buckinghamshire, Greater London & surrounding areas. These include High Wycombe, Amersham, Watford, Maidenhead, Richmond, Slough & Gerrards Cross.

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