Tree Removal

Tree Felling

The removal of a sick or damaged tree from a site. Live trees that are not damaged require a TPO permit if they are to be removed. Alpha Arbor Ltd. uses sectional felling and modern rigging techniques, sometimes with the use of cranes or helicopters where required.

Large &

Dangerous Trees

We take rest pride in specialising in the care of large and dangerous trees. Because of our experience working with the largest trees all over the world, our climbers have exceptional skills by which to navigate dangerous trees. These vital skills include technical rigging, knowledge about how to assess the strength of the tree, how to support the weight of the tree, and the caution; if not fearlessness by which to carry out the work.

Examples of dangerous tree-works include:


  • The removal of trees that have fallen or partially fallen into other trees or neighbouring properties.

  • The removal of dead trees from a site. This process is dangerous for the arborist because dead trees are at higher risk of breaking or falling over.

  • The removal, reduction or cabling of bifurcated trees. Split, or bifurcated trees are dangerous, not only to people, but neighbouring property because there is a high risk of them splitting further and causing damage.

tight confined spaces

The removal of trees in narrow or tight spaces, for example large trees in small gardens, alleyways or decking. This process requires arborists of a high-skill level to prevent accidental damage from occurring. 



We are able to provide aerial services for trees which are simply too big or inaccessible, to use typical tree surgery methods on. Alpha Arbor Ltd. have a broad portfolio of aerial work completed- it being often necessary in Australia and New Zealand. 

If a crane is required, then access to the site and the tree work required, will dictate the type of crane used. We will arrange for road closures where necessary. Our skilled climbers and groundsmen will then work closely with the crane operators to ensure that tree-work is carried out efficiently and safely with minimal disturbance to the ground below. 

Alpha Arbor Ltd. strive to come up with the most cost-effective method of completing tree work. Surprisingly, a lot of aerial work and lifting problems can be resolved quickly and more cost-effectively by using a helicopter rather than a conventional crane. These decisions are made with the client on a tree-to-tree basis.



Alpha Arbor carry out partial and full large-scale site clearances with the removal of trees and management of vegetation on roads, motorways, highways, commercial property and building sites.


We have re-developed sites and carried out maintenance programs for schools, factories, business parks and building firms.

Prior to commencement our tree surgeons and surveyors conduct site visits and can carry out a full tree survey- we provide you with expert detailed advice on these reports. This allows us to evalutate costing accurately and enables us to calaculate and manange the workload efficiently. 

We have the best technology and equipment at hand- including flails, mulchers, wood chippers and shredders etc. to clear large spaces safely and efficiently within the given timeframe. 


We are happy to work on a price for a day or a full project depending on your requirements.

Alpha Arbor Ltd. provides tree services across Buckinghamshire, Greater London & surrounding areas. These include High Wycombe, Amersham, Watford, Maidenhead, Richmond, Slough & Gerrards Cross.

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